Typical places our products are most utilized:

  • Fitness Centers
  • Tax Office
  • Dentist Office
  • Attorney Office
  • Event Center
  • Service Business
  • Barber Shops and Salons

Manage facility usage and memberships


Manage Client sign ins

Simple reporting

Relevant reporting tools giving staff members the information they need to make better business decisions such as  membership status, facility usage and length of waiting periods.

Manage patient visits



Our On-screen keyboard provides a simple interface for both staff and trainers.  Software has configurable alerts that allow staff to respond to expired memberships.  Also gives you the ability to assign a photo ID to your members and easy to use search functions for those members that forget their membership card.  Interface allows your client to select "reason for visit" codes for those that maybe walk-ins or don't have an appointment.

Other Features

  • Intuitive color-coded Sign-In list, for easy visual tracking.
  • Temporary membership card and event badge printing
  • Configurable "reason for visit "codes for walk-in clients
  • Dual Sign in Modes: Scanner or Number Pad
  • Track Attendance
  • Configurable appointment book, resources, events, classes and more ............. 

Easy Appointment entry and calendar tracking.  Prevents overbooking staff, resources, services and much more. 




Simple to use interface for both staff and clients. Designed exclusively for touch screen entry.  Thus reducing the time spent on training new staff members and clients

Keytags & scanner

Assigned member Key tags or client IDs provide unattended check-ins.  Even if an ID has not been assigned our system will allow walk-ins to sign in also. Keeping all your client information in the system. 

Great Cost Saving Features:

  • FREE One year technical support by phone or email
  • FREE One year upgrades
  • Unlimited Client memberships at no additional cost
  • No Online Fees and costly setup fees
  • No need for an internet connection - because Trakker installs on your desktop; making it easy to use anywhere you need to track your client or membership attendance.
  • Scalable: Multiple terminal use for members to sign in at remote locations.

Keep track of visitors on campus

Sign IN  and membership software

Are you still using a "Paper Sign in"?  If the answer is "YES"; then you are probably still asking yourself these questions........

Who are my frequent clients?       How many appointments do I have this week?       Who's attending the desk?       What is my busiest day?

We not only eliminate the use of PAPER.  Our easy-to-use sign-in application for office, gyms, fitness centers, health clubs and event center; automates membership sign-in, appointments, and attendance tracking. Provides the information office staff and trainers need to make smart and informed business decisions .


C-Bar Symbologies LLC

"Managing Time......"