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Product FAQ

1.  Q. Can you add names to staff members, classes and events?
     A. SignIn Trakker allows you setup staff, trainers, classes and events by assigning their names in the setup dialog tool.
2.  Q. Can I use multiple interfaces with SignIn Trakker?
     A. Yes, SignIn Trakker will allow you to setup other PCs as clients.  It’s quick and easy using the setup dialog tool.
3.  Q. What type of barcode scanner can I use with SignIn Trakker?
     A. You can use any USB or RS232 barcode scanner with SignIn Trakker:

  • USB keyboard wedge barcode scanner will work fine, but is preferred only when using a dedicated sign-in station

  • USB RS232 or RS232 scanner is preferred when using a single sign-in station.  It allows sign-ins even if the computer is being used to perform other task when clients or members are signing in

4.  Q. What OS does SignIn Application run on?
     A. SignIn Trakker has been designed exclusively to run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

5.  Q. Can SignIn Trakker print member cards?
      A. SignIn Trakker can print membership cards with Dymo SE 450 printer only.  These cards are printed with member information, barcode and expiration date.

6.  Q. Can SignIn Trakker be used without barcodes?
     A. Yes, SignIn Trakker can be used without Barcodes.  The interface has a Numeric Keypad mode and a Qwerty Keyboard mode.  This works great when members are          assigned pin numbers instead of barcodes, also can be used if members forget their cards.

7.  Q. Does SignIn Trakker send SMS?
     A. Yes, SignIn Trakker sends text messages to confirm appointments and can be configured to perform other functions.
8.  Q. Can I add new members while members are scanning in?
     A. Yes, Signin Trakker allows you to perform other functions on your PC without interfering with member     scan-ins as long as Signin Trakker application is running.
 9.  Q. Does the SignIn Trakker require internet access?
      A. No, that is one of the nice things about SignIn Trakker.  It does not need an internet connection, the software is loaded on your computer.
10. Q. Do I need to purchase a special camera for client or member pictures?
      A. You can use any camera that save pictures in a .jpeg format, which is all digital cameras.
11. Q. Does SignIn Trakker allow you to setup payment plans?
      A. SignIn Trakker currently does not have this functionality. 


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