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"Managing Time......"

Barber and Salon Signin Trakker   $299.99


  • Simple user interface - NO busy screens
  • Handles regular and Walk-in customers
  • Tracks customer arrival times
  • Monitors wait times
  • Color coded sign-in list for easy distance viewing
  • Customizable to your business needs
  • Easy Appointment entry and tracking
  • One touch customer sign out
  • Customer card reader sign in*
  • Daily customer reports

Barber and Salon Signin Trakker

Barber and Salon Signin Trakker keeps it simple!

With this system you don't have to be questioned every time by your customers on how many people you have waiting.  Your customers will know, by viewing the screen and seeing who's waiting for each barber or stylist and who's waiting for the 1st available barber or stylist.

Eliminate Confusion!

Having the customers to sign in eliminates the confusion when customers leave and come back.

Fitness Signin Trakker 

Office Signin Trakker has all the intuitive design features as Fitness Trakker.  Automating your client sign in process will eliminate the out dated paper sign in.   And just like Fitness Trakker you don't have to worry about costly setup fees because Office Trakker is a desktop application.

Great Price...    $$$

Bundle Includes

DYMO Label Writer 450 Turbo

Rs232 Barcode Scanner

Mini PC w/Windows 10

System configuration and setup

** Monitor not included

A great way for your business to get what they need in one purchase.  Package includes all optional hardware .......

office signin trakker.... nEW barber & Salon shop version

Fitness  Bundle

Fitness Signin Trakker's intuitive interface design puts everyday menu options on-screen in plain English. You don't have to "read" icons to use it;  Trakker - saves your staff training time.  Another Trakker time saver - members scanning barcodes at "check-in" will not interrupt your personal computer work. Their visit is recorded in the background.  Also Trakker is a desktop application eliminating the need for an internet connection and costly setup fees.

club membership software

Office Bundle